A new generation


We are

a group of five pals brought together through our various passions. A tribe of fearless fe/males heading up a creative production company and non exclusive arts club in London Bridge. Born of a marriage of immersive storytellers Marbles & Ware and supper club Slap Ya Papa, Mama Marbles is built on the foundations of fun & friendship.We offer a home from home at Mama's HQ and produce one-off artistic experiences and events with storytelling and theatricality at the core.

We believe in doing what you love, with love.  

We are the sum of our parts. We exist as a collective, working with extensive creators and makers: collaboration is key! Too many cooks ain't a problem here, trust us - the broth is delicious.

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From left to right:

Sustainable Living Culture • Community • Creativity • Storytelling


Luzi • Sebastian • Lucie • Natasha • Holly

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