The Magical Mystery Tour

So you want to start a revolution? Well you know, we all want to save the world…

For the 50th anniversary of the summer of love we called on all the music loving flower children to unite in the strawberry fields of Secret Garden Party and immerse themselves in the sounds of silence…Welcome to the Love Bus where muses were born, music was sung and a whole lotta love was made..

“We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids.” – Penny Lane.

Marbles Meadow

“You’re either on the bus or off the bus. If you’re on the bus, and you get left behind, then you’ll find it again. If you’re off the bus in the first place — then it won’t make a damn.” – Ken Kesey