‘The Marbles perfomers infused the evening with extra fun, creativity and enchantment.’
– Visual Effects Society Awards chairman

For one night only the Marbles performers were invited to join the prestigious Visual Effects Society at the famed Tate Modern.

With the theme being ‘Fantasy’ we created a story around ‘The Bloom’ of a flower. Dressed in avante-costumes we represented the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Animal and Bloom.

We each embodied the characteristics of our element through our physicality and experimented with dance, spoken word and art.

Looking down over the impressive view from the top floor of the Tate Modern we felt like we’d been elevated into a fantastical world where anything is possible and your wildest imagination can become a reality.

From the earth springs life, nurture it and it shall surely bloom.
Plant your seeds and watch them grow. You get what you give.
Our Mother Earth holds the wisdom.